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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

BCH-301 Principles of Biochemistry BCH-302 Cell Biology
BCH-303 General Genetics BCH-304 Enzymology
BCH-305 Metabolisms BCH-306 Molecular Biology
BCH-307 Protein Chemistry BCH-308 Fundamental Microbiology
BCH-309 Principles of Gene Manipulations. BCH-310 Rsearch Techniques & Instrumentation
BCH-311 Nucleic Acids BCH-312 Biostatistics and Computation
BCH-312 Biostatistics BCH-313 Clinical Biochemistry
BCH-414 Biomembranes BCH-415 Cell Organelles
BCH-416 Nutritional Biochemistry BCH-417 Plant Biochemistry
BCH-418 Principles of Pharmacology BCH-419 Microbial Physiology
BCH-420 General Virology BCH-421 Radiobiology
BCH-422 Plant Tissue & Cell Culture BCH-423 Toxicology
BCH-424 Vitamins and Hormones BCH-425 Molecular Immunology
BCH-426 Medical Microbiology BCH-438 Industrial Microbiology

BCH-500 Seminar BCH-501 Advances in Molecular Biology
BCH-502 Advances in Molecular Genetics BCH-503 Advances in Protein Chemistry
BCH-504 Bioethics BCH-505 Bioinformatics
BCH-506 Biophysics BCH-507 Cancer Genetics
BCH-509 Fermentation Technology BCH-510 Genomics
BCH-511 Immunochemistry BCH-512 Metabolic Pathways in Plants
BCH-513 Mol Bio of Gene Expr & Functns BCH-514 Molecular Biology of RNA
BCH-515 Molecular Endocrinology BCH-516 Rsrch Planing & Report Writng
BCH-517 Molecular Evolution BCH-518 Mol Mechanisms of Diseases
BCH-519 Molecular Plant Breeding BCH-520 Nutrition in the Life Cycle
BCH-521 Oncogenes & Growth Control BCH-522 Protins & Polypeptide Hormons
BCH-523 Transgenic Research BCH-524 Experimental Therapeutics
BCH-525 Advances in Cell Biology BCH-526 Advances in Animal Physiology
BCH-527 Topics in Evolutionary Biology BCH-528 Biotechnology Fundamentals
BCH-529 Bioprocess Technology BCH-530 Recombinant DNA technology
BCH-531 Applications of Biotechnology BCH-532 Environmental Biotechnology
BCH-533 Techniques in Biotechnology BCH-534 Advances in Endocrinology
BCH-535 Advances in Plant Physiology BCH-536 Medicinal Plants
BCH-537 Andrology BCH-538 Advances in Neurobiology
BCH-539 Current Trends in Biotechnology BCH-540 Current Trends in Immunology
BCH-541 Current Trends in Mol Medicine BCH-542 Current Trends in Biochemistry
BCH-545 Proteomoics BCH-599 Dissertation
BCH-699 Mphil Dessertation

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